Llama Doc Herbs
Robert J. Pollard D.V.M.

Robert J. Pollard graduated from UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 1970, after having been one of the first students in Dr. Murray Fowler’s zoo and wildlife medicine class.  

Rob and his wife Suzi moved to Sonora, in the Sierra foothills, and started a small animal practice. As llamas became more popular in the area in 1983, Dr. Pollard used his wildlife medicine experience to work on llamas, and to help the new llama owners. He and his wife own 30 llamas, with almost a dozen or more other llamas and alpacas visiting their Valley of the Llama Ranch for breeding, birthing, or medical care.  Over the years  homeopathy and herbals became a large part of his veterinary practice.

The products on this site were developed after many years of treating camelids using herbals for a variety of diseases.
Herbals are formulated by Robert Pollard D.V.M.  and  
custom blended by STARWEST BOTANICALS.